Equalities in education

During 2011 most papers in the Equalities in education area of our website have been revised and updated, as new requirements and regulations have become clearer.


The following articles have been added to the Insted website during 2011:

Accusations: Islam, Muslims and the media – Edinburgh Literature Festival, August 2011

Still Not Easy Being British: issues and identities – foreword to a book by Tariq Modood

Teaching and Talking in Schools about 9/11 – a selection of useful websites

Has Multiculturalism Failed? – David Cameron’s speech in Munich, February 2011

Due Regard and Disregard for Equality – the UK government’s performance so far

‘Not Just Any Old Discussion’ – controversial and sensitive issues in schools

The Attacks in Norway – links to initial commentary, July 2011

Global and Antiracist Perspectives in Education – notes and memories


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