Racist and Islamophobic bullying

Interesting article in today’s Independent – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/racist-bullying-farright-agenda-on-immigration-being-taken-into-classrooms-9045148.html. It reports there was a marked increase in 2013 in reports of racist and Islamophobic bullying in schools and speculates this is due to the anti-immigrant and Islamophobic discourse and agendas of right-wing political parties and movements, and the failure of mainstream politicians to lead public opinion rather than pander to it. It speculates further that schools are less willing and able to challenge and prevent racism and Islamophobia than they were in the recent past, and less able and inclined to support and assist young people at the receiving end.

The article contains some moving quotations from children and young people. Also it quotes some extremely weak, lame and unhelpful words from a DfE spokesperson. It does not, unfortunately, mention that substantial advice on this topic was developed and published by the DfE from about 2005 onwards, but in due course totally withdrawn by the coalition government after 2010. However, the advice developed in England is still available in Wales in a slightly modified and improved form and can be accessed through http://dera.ioe.ac.uk/12028/1/Bullying_around_race,_religion_and_culture.pdf.

Much of the original document developed in England can be found at www.insted.co.uk/race.html. Also an excellent set of materials on this topic was produced in 2012-13 by the Crown Prosecution Service with the National Union of Teachers and the Anthony Walker Foundation and can be accessed at http://www.cps.gov.uk/northwest/tackling_crime/hate_crime/schools_project_racist_and_religious_hate_crime/



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