‘Only connect’

Prose and passion

Only connect, said E M Forster, the prose and the passion.

Seek patience and passion, said Maya Angelou, in equal amounts.

Patience alone, she added, will not build the temple.

Passion alone, she added further, will destroy its walls.

This blog is about connecting passion, prose and patience around equalities, education, race and religion. It is managed by Robin Richardson, pictured below.

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There’s an interview with Robin about his career and concerns, conducted in 2012, here.

Being prosaic

Most of the material here is about the prosaic, patient business of making policies and getting them put into practice.

And it is itself prosaic – calm, temperate, matter-of-fact, unemotional.

Being passionate

Often between the lines, though, and sometimes along them, there’s passion, anger, determination, irony, promise, desire.

Other connections too

The blog is about connecting prose and passion, yes, and about other connections too:

  • between the nine strands of equality legislation – age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marriage, pregnancy, religion, sexual identity, transgender – and between these and social class.
  • between what goes on in schools and classrooms on the one hand and what goes on in wider society on the other, its forums, arts and workplaces, and on its streets.
  • between inner and outer, heart and battlefield.

Heart and battlefield

In Peter Brook’s version of The Mahabharata there’s this conversation between Krishna and Yudhishtera:

Krishna:           You don’t have a choice between peace and war.

Yudhishtera:   What will be my choice?

Krishna:            Between war and another war.

Yudhishtera:  The other war, where will it take place? In the battlefield or in the heart?

Krishna:           I don’t see a difference.

Man in blanket

 Photo by Simon Annand for Battlefield by Peter Brook and Marie-Helene Estienne, Young Vic Theatre, February 2016